Michèle Voltaire Marcelin

Michèle Voltaire Marcelin is a multifaceted artist is a performer, poet, writer, and painter who has lived in Haiti, Chile and the United States.  While some artists are born, ready to spread their magic when the muse touches them, others are shaped through life experiences;  Voltaire Marcelin has re-assembled elements of her life and shaped them into various artistic expressions.

Her books of poetry and prose are published in English, French, Spanish and Creole. Her work is also included in diverse anthologies published in France, Cuba, Canada and the United States. She is featured in the films of Patricia Benoît, Raoul Peck and Patrick Ulysse.  Her artwork has been exhibited at the MoCADA, the African-American Museum of L.I., The Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center and the Mupanah in Haiti. She has performed her poetry solo, and with jazz bands in New York, Miami, Montréal, Paris, Port-au-Prince, and Costa Rica.  This Haitian-born artist writes in three languages and currently lives in New York.