Carine Jocelyn

Executive Director
Diaspora Community Services

Carine Jocelyn is the Executive Director of Diaspora Community Services (DCS), formerly known as Haitian Women’s Program, a not-for profit organization based in Brooklyn, New York.  Since beginning her tenure at DCS in 2003, Ms. Jocelyn has significantly increased the organization’s budget, locations and staff; strengthening and increasing its capacity to serve the Brooklyn community.  Her creativity has lead to the development of several new programs.  They all represent a scope of diverse funding (city, local, state, federal, individual) Ms. Jocelyn has strategically developed to ensure the viability and success of Diaspora’s ability to stay to true its mission.

Ms. Jocelyn has over 20 years experience in human services and public health administration.  An accomplished administrator, trainer and program officer, prior to her position at DCS, Ms. Jocelyn was a Health Program Administrator at the New York State Department of Health.  She has also worked for the Nassau County Youth Board, Planned Parenthood of Nassau County, AIDS Institute and Long Island University.

Ms. Jocelyn has an extensive professional background working with diverse populations, staff training, fund-raising and development.  Proficient in non-profit management, budget development and quality assurance, she has served as a consultant to various health, education, youth and social service agencies.  She currently sits on the board of directors of, Greater Brooklyn Health Coalition.

Carine Jocelyn is bilingual and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and professional certifications in Human Resources and Organizational Development and Leadership.