Haitian Dialogue Tele-Series:
Coping With the Crisis in Haiti

Recent events in Haiti have caused high anxiety in the Haitian community abroad. We worry about friends and family and country. In order to offer some coping mechanisms, the Haitian Roundtable scheduled a session of its Haiti Dialogue Tele-series on July 28 titled, “How to Cope With the Crisis in Haiti.” Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardère and Dr. Florence Saint-Jean, executive director of the Global Trauma Center offered valuable insight on ways of reducing anxiety and sharing our concerns about Haiti in a lively video seminar. A number of community organizations joined in sponsoring the event. If you missed the session, it was recorded and can be watched here.

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Jovenel and Martine Moïse

The Haitian Roundtable extends our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse and his wife Martine Moïse.

We grieve for Haiti, which has suffered tremendously from natural disasters, a crisis in leadership, and political unrest.

We urge the people of Haiti and its supporters to construct a credible democratic structure that truly represents the aspirations of Haitians everywhere.

What Role for the Diaspora?

More than 2 million people of Haitian descent live abroad and send $3.3 billion annually to Haiti. But could they be doing more to help Haiti out of its spiral of poverty and violence?

Yes, says HRT Board Member Joel Dreyfuss in an article for Politico. “…as Haiti has sunk into despair, the diaspora could be a lifeline. Haitians living abroad are not tainted by the corruption that pervades the political class in Haiti, and have achieved success in more meritocratic societies. The diaspora has acquired expertise, cultural and political clout, and experience living in democratic countries. As America struggles to respond to Haiti’s crisis, policymakers in Washington and diaspora members themselves should think about how to tap this resource.”

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Our Mission

The Haitian Roundtable (“HRT”), founded in 2008, is a not-for-profit organization of Haitian-American professionals committed to civic engagement and strategic initiatives benefiting the Haitian community. The organization seeks to heighten awareness of Haitians as an important constituency among thought leaders and newsmakers, policymakers and institutions through partnerships, programs and events recognizing Haitian excellence. HRT is committed to working collaboratively with the goal of redefining the narrative about Haiti and Haitians. We are guided by our Motto: As Haitians, We Are The Keepers of Our Legacy.

The 1804 List of Haitian-American Changemakers and Ones to Watch


Haitian History Is Black History

During February, the Haitian Roundtable commemorates Black History Month by celebrating Haitian independence, history and culture.

For 2021, we honor three contemporary Haitian heroes: Humanitarian Marguerite Erasme Lathan, NYC Council Member Farah N. Louis and Elie Mystal, Justice Correspondent for The Nation magazine.

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Haiti Dialogue Series

HRT hosts the Haiti Dialogue Series, which serves as a forum to discuss current and relevant topics that impact the Haitian community. The Dialogue Series brings together distinguished thought leaders and accomplished practitioners for candid conversation on a variety of important issues.

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Kreyol Connection

HRT frequently sponsors Kreyol Connection. These networking receptions offer opportunities for professionals to celebrate Haitian culture after work, as they build lasting social bonds. The events are held at elegant venues throughout New York City and co-hosted by various high profile Haitian-Americans.

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