Herve Vixamar has over 12 years experience as a Financial Consultant with AXA Advisors, LLC.  He works primarily with individuals and small business owners, Herve’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of his clients, helping them and their families achieve their long, intermediate, and short term financial planning goals, while providing financial education along the way.

Prior to working at AXA, Herve obtained extensive experience as a Hospital Administrator working at a number of the top Hospitals and Non-Profits in New York.  His successful management experience has enabled him to effectively manage his client’s portfolios here at AXA.

Herve believes education is the key when it comes to successful personal growth, that same key holds true for financial success, and that is why he has made a commitment to educating his clients, and the community at large.

Herve has conducted financial workshops for private and non-profit organizations. Beth Israel Medical Center, Mount Sinai Hospital, and Jazz at Lincoln Center are a short list of companies he has lectured on the importance of financial planning.  He is on the auxiliary board of Metropolitan Hospital.