Mandell is an entrepreneur with more than 10 years experience in developing, leading and managing small business ventures. Most recently, he was recruited by Northwestern Mutual where he will join Managing Partner, Steven Abbass as a member of his senior leadership team. Mandell will be responsible for the strategic growth and development of the organizations financial advisory team. In addition to his role in management, he will provide comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services to his clients and associates throughout New York and the metropolitan area.

Prior to joining Northwestern Mutual, Mandell owned and operated a State Farm Insurance Agency on Long Island. With a systematic approach to client development and focus on relationship building, Mandell successfully grew his retail insurance and financial services agency every year since opening the business in 2008. Recognizing the importance of good role models in his own life, Mandell proudly shares his experience as a young entrepreneur with both high school and college students. He is a passionate mentor who brings a disciplined approach to people development. By zeroing in on what is important to the individual and providing an office culture that incorporates motivation, movement
and mentorship, he empowers people to become high functioning and motivated professionals set on a path for career success.